VORTEX | 2019  

Curated by Inke Arns & Dieter Roelstraete 

Lake Hassan is a small freshwater lake in the Primorsky Territory near the borders with China and Korea. Here, in 1938, a military conflict occurred between the USSR and Japan. Both sides suffered heavy losses. 

After violent clashes on August 9, Soviet troops completely defeated the invaders. According to official figures, Soviet troops lost 792 people (2,752 wounded), and Japanese 525 (913 wounded). 

The «Vortex» is an land art installation whose shells symbolizing the struggle of the two states for transboundary territories. It stands at the top of the Zaozernaya Hill, where the Soviet troops set their flag and further battles took place. When the wind blows, the sleeves knock (fight) against each other and create a sound similar to that of coins.

In 1938, we defended our land, sovereignty and independence with the help of weapons. Now these countries have changed their political systems and they have become investors and economic engines in our country.

Ultimately, weapons have been replaced by coins (money). We have a question, if after 80 years a coin has replaced a cartridge, then what will happen in the next 80 years?