УГОЛЬ | 2016

Куратор Яна Гапоненко

«New Poverty is the name of a large project that brought together «Red Center» (Moscow), participants of School of Involved Art «What to Do» (St. Petersburg), free Vladivostok artists and members of the Vladivostok School of Contemporary Art. In the context of the new economic crisis, which continuesthroughout the country, the topic of poverty is more relevant than ever. Poverty — a new fashion, poverty — a state of consciousness, poverty — a form of life, one of the practices of consumption or a sign of belonging to a particular subculture, etc. The meaning of the word is multifaceted, but one way or another always concerns each of us.

Poverty by Inna Dodiomova’s is deprived of assessments and is not connected with the popular opposition «poverty — wealth». Poverty in its theory is a synonym for primitive simplicity and widespread accessibility, primarily the material with which the artist works. Inna paints pictures of charcoal, which she made herself. This primitiveness of the method of extracting the means of production has one important feature — it is accessible to everyone and gives equal opportunities to everyone. Inna's work sends us straight to the vanished primitive world, where the stratification of society and the political distribution of resources have not yet occurred. The artist resurrects the ancient practice of taking what is available in fact, thereby denying any economic relations.

The objective instability of the economic situation that has swept the whole country today forces modern young artists to save on materials for work, using improvised natural resources obtained, including from natural resources.

The wealth of them distinguishes Vladivostok from other peripheral parts of Russia, which indicates the author’s desire to make a site-specific statement. For graphics, charcoal, the author brought it out independently in natural conditions from wood.